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Had a weirdly great class at the gym, I thought it was near my house because its on Polk but its way up at the top of the city, Russian Hill, but friendly yuppie dogs everywhere neighborhood, and there is a USED bookstore right nearby!! So that will be fun to go into this neighborhood occasionally. I took a class called hatha, which I thought was totally easy compared to Ashtanga, but it was about the same really, no sun salutations as a warm up though, but I was sweating by the middle of it anyway. A lot more lunges though and my feet were burning. The gym is in an old movie theater and they kept the movie screen and were playing an old 80s movie ,I think Roadhouse? Who doesn't want to work out to Roadhouse?  The only thing is outside the yoga studio everyone is out there on their treadmills, with the bass pumping loud  music and in corpse pose I could feel the floor bumping with it.  But thats ok I live next to a bar, so I'm used to it.

Was so stressed out yesterday with all the proofreading and all the being mad at the yoga studio (I think what they've done is almost or possibly actually illegal and am asking for a refund, but that's a nother post!) all day massive anxiety. But I did so much proofreading yesterday, 144 pages in all! I have 20 left. I went to three different cafes yesterday, one by my house, then I met up with Eve and we went to Mission for a little art gallery walking, (where me and her baby Paulo practiced spitting, he is much better at it than me). Then they left for the very important nap. He won't sleep in public unfortunately. So I went to Atlas Cafe, my old haunt, memories!  Then I went home and walked up Polk street and proofread some more in Quetzal. Then I went home, drank two glasses of wine, took a zanax, proofread some more, and fell asleep by 10.

We were looking at these art studios they have a door that locks and are only $300, and Eve says could you live here, and I'm like totally just put a little pallet there, a desk there, and thats it. Ha! Then I was sitting at home this more actually thinking about what i'd have to give up, all my books, my futon, most of my clothes, my TV, my stereo (but if I have wireless connection I can watch anything and listen to anything online). And with my crunch membership I could totally shower at the gym everyday! No one would know I'm halfway homeless. What about peeing though? Oh the art studio building has bathrooms. It could totally work. i'd have to pretend to be an artist! I could be a book artist!