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I had loads of fun at My Reading in NY! Which is the most important thing, that the poetess was entertained, yes? Was really laid back, it felt like hanging out at Books and Bookshelves with micahel slosek and robin demers or something, just  totally unpretentious and "real". Probably due to Sommer's cool laid back ness. I had an idea NY would be really pretentious, but probably, who is more pretentious than californians? we can be awful. I think NYers never say the word "coterie" can everyone stop saying it? It freaks me out! 

Fun, except um kind of blurry. I had two newcastles, and a Brooklyn Lager. I don't remember really what I said, did I say anything witty? Probably not. But sold books! Left with an extra $20. Thanks ya'll! Who gave me money?

Anyway I am so exhausted now, I stayed the first two nights with my stepbrother and his wife, who both seemed uninterested in my reading and didn't come. There was also an excuse that Williamsburg is so hip, they are not allowed to go there. It just seemed like a neighborhood to me, the people in fact seemed more "real," as I said, than upper west side but maybe that's just me. Or there is something I didn't like get...

I've been overanalyzing san franciscans vs new yorkers to the point where my brain sort of had a meltdown, so I'm just stopping with New Yorkers are nicer. But we are crazier, which I have to admit, I missed. And lo, do I feel kind of proud? My first night back I saw I guy walk out of his pants and kick them into the street. And I was like, ahhh, i missed you!

I think I just realized I missed seeing Maggie last night. I wish there was one poetry reading events blog to go to for these things, random people note some of them, but it seems they miss a lot... and you have to read a lot of blog to have all the information.

My "vacation" though was totally exhausting, and I've been falling asleep all week at work. Luckily my boss is off all week, so it barely matters. The whole time in NY I was running around. In fact I had a subway nightmare Tuesday night.  I decided I didn't want to pay $60 or whatever to get from my stepbrothers to my friend's house in Brooklyn, so I took the  subway with my big luggage. Of course its the weekend and everything is fucked up on the weekend apparently. My stepbrother told me to take the B line down to the F which goes to Brooklyn. But there is no B line on the weekend, so I had to take the A line which doesn't hit the F line. SO thank god I had my subway Flash maps book, and remembered taking the L to Williamsburg the night before and that it looked like it hit the F so I did that and that worked but then the F - on the weekend - goes out of service at Hoyt Schermerhorn and you have to transfer to the G line which *acts as if* its the F line... Crazy. Also each transfer I had to walk up flights up stairs with my giant purple luggage. Should have worn the same thing all week, I told you.  My whole left thigh is al bruised up but that's ok, after doing that I knew I could do it again and took the subway to the airport also, and felt *very* independent! 

I don't know what else I can blather on about. Oh! The poets I read with super cool. Matthew Klane is one of the house press guys (how many of them are there? 1200?) He wrote this amazing chap after or on the dali lama (all of them) I wish I'd thought of that as a project, it is so cool. Really amazing writing too.  And jared white was also cool. He didn't have anything to trade, but he was in Narwhal, which I want, but Cannibal is apparantly on an ordering hiatus. Anyway I remember having seen his name and he read Wed here at Books and Bookshlelves. So he gave me his MOMA card and I got into the museum for free! So cool. So I had to go to the B &BS reading to give it back! Which was a really cool reading in itself. Met and heard his girlfriend Farrah read. Very small reading for some reason. Maybe 7 of us? So everyone at the reading introduced themselves to everybody else. I talked to this couple who just moved here from Manhattan and entertained them, regaled them with stories of how to appear local in mission vs the TL. I finally figured out how to appear local in tenderloin and it is not easy. They think I should write a book.

My mom is coming for memorial day and we are going to Big Sur. I cannot wait to have a real vacation. Where I just lay around a lot reading and writing. That's a vacation.  I dreamt my mom died and was crying and crying in my dream, and I woke up and read that robin blaser died. Hmmm.

I have to go to the bathroom. Pictures to come.


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May. 10th, 2009 05:12 am (UTC)
My first night back I saw I guy walk out of his pants and kick them into the street. And I was like, ahhh, i missed you!

Haha! I laughed when I read that.

Glad you had a good trip. And I hope you get a "real vacation" soon, too.
May. 11th, 2009 08:53 pm (UTC)
You've seen him too!? Luckily he had on a second pair of pants under that...
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