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6 October 1972
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"Without remembrance and without the reification which remembrance needs for its own fulfilment and which makes it, indeed, as the Greeks held, the mother of all arts, the living activities of action, speech, and thought would lose their reality at the end of each process and disappear as though they never had been." — Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition

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My chapbook Vorticells. My e-chapbook Kine(sta)sis (pdf).

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Read my diary, of portions thereof. It's kind of like flarfing myself, fragments from my paper diary.
aaron shurin, aimé césaire, akira kurosawa, anais nin, andrei tarkovsky, ann lauterbach, anna akhmatova, anna moschovakis, anne carson, anselm berrigan, anti-realism, aram saroyan, arkadii dragomoshchenko, arsinee khanjian, arundhati roy, ashtanga, ashtanga vinyasa, atom egoyan, baudrillard, bernadette mayer, brenda hillman, bryer, buddhism, c. d. wright, caconrad, carole maso, caroline bergvall, cat power, christian bok, cid corman, city of lost children, claudia rankine, cocorosie, conceptual poetics, david bowie, david lynch, david markson, deconstructionism, delia alton, derrida, documentaries, dorothea lasky, edmond jabes, electroclash, emily dickinson, erica hunt, erin moure, fanny howe, fernando pessoa, flann o'brien, flarf, flat noodles, frank o'hara, gellu naum, gertrude stein, h.d., hannah arendt, harryette mullen, haruki murakami, henry darger, i ching, imogen heap, interlibrary loans, italo calvino, jack spicer, jackson mac low, james tate, john berryman, john donne, john wieners, joshua clover, juliana spahr, kafka, karen volkman, kari edwards, kate bush, kathleen fraser, keith waldrop, kenneth goldsmith, kevin davies, l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e, landis everson, language poetry, laura moriarty, legendary pink dots, libraries, lisa jarnot, lisa robertson, logicophobics, lyn hejinian, maya deren, meditation, mei-mei berssenbrugge, merleau-ponty, metaphysical poetry, mina loy, myung mi kim, nathaniel mackey, noelle kocot, norma cole, nothingness, octavio paz, oscar wilde, pablo neruda, patanjali, poetics, poetry, post-structuralism, prose poems, rachel blau duplessis, rae armantrout, rauan klassnik, reading, remedios varo, renee gladman, robert duncan, robin blaser, ron silliman, ronald johnson, rosmarie waldrop, sefer yetzirah, sigur rós, spencer reece, standard schaefer, stephane mallarme, stevie smith, stina nordenstam, susan howe, tan lin, tao lin, tao te ching, taoism, tarnation, ted berrigan, thalia field, the faerie queene, theresa hak kyung cha, thich nhat hanh, tsering wangmo dhompa, w. s. merwin, william blake, writing, yoga, zombies

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