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Went to Peet's and said can I have a raspberry tea and they said no, but we have rose hip tea. And I'm like do you think I'm on a color diet? But I had the rose hips and it is very good. Now I am at cup-a-joe's and they have raspberry tea but it has a vanilla infusion. It is good too. This is all because of my period.

Also, my headphones are doing like supernatural things, it is mystical sounding. Like for some reason, I can only hear the background singers. The actual singer I sort of hear, but like far far away. Also the drums are very pronounced, and whatever other instruments are supposed to be that are the front sound, I guess guitars?, I can't hear them. Oddly, and I'd never have guessed, Sia has all male background singers, isn't that odd, because I would assume it wouldn't match, but I think in the real way of hearing the song, they don't stand out at all. Um, because they are in the background? So deep.

So I said enough of this shit, and I went to the Apple store and paid $30, those things last. The original ones lasted almost a year I think. This $3 crap I bought on ebay, uh-uh.

Something really odd and mystical happened in the apple store also, but I can't quite remember, I think it is this weather. It is so windy the wind like ripped the tears right out of my eyes. Also, I bought a GIANT sky blue Marc Jacobs bag at Nordstroms. For the plane. In the clearance section, and it is Nordstroms so I can return it. I feel kind of ludicrous walking around with a giant sky blue bag. this is also all because of my period I am sure.

And I got to use the word cedilla in a sentence today. Which I had to look up first, but.

I asked my dad about bringing fluids on a plane, and he said to buy a bunch of little bottles and only put 4 oz in each? Hmmm. Is that crazy?

Oh, and that hatha class yesterday ripped me up. I made a list of all my muscle groups that are affected:

mid back

My hamstrings are fine. I have amazing hamstrings.


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Apr. 29th, 2009 01:43 pm (UTC)
You better stock up on those bottles, since we don't have shampoo and conditioner in NYC.

Apr. 29th, 2009 09:02 pm (UTC)

I heard shampoo in new york is $100/oz.

and that it was hot there.
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